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Mauna Loa: Waking up?

We’ve looked at Mauna Loa before. Now, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s Volcano Watch has an interesting article called “Mauna Loa—A Stirring Giant?” Check it out! Here’s an excerpt: After a 30-year repose, Mauna Loa may be slowly stirring to life…. Read More ›

Mount Rainier

There is a king in the Pacific Northwest, his brow crowned in glittering ice. Mount Rainier starts to rise only about 25 miles from the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area. Today this beautiful Cascades stratovolcano, towering 14,410 feet above Puget Sound, dominates… Read More ›

The Cascades Volcanoes

One of the first things you learn here in Oregon is that everybody’s very proud of the volcanoes – Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood, especially.  However, those are only a few of volcanoes in the Cascades, an… Read More ›

Meanwhile, in Hawaii…

…right now there is snow in Mauna Loa’s crater as the sun is coming up. The dark streaks probably correspond to the warm areas seen on the thermal cams (HVO webcams).  

Crater Lake, Oregon

Last week, we saw Heaven Lake at Baekdu volcano in Asia.** Now let’s look at Crater Lake, which fills a caldera that also formed in a VEI 7 eruption. Per the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program report on this volcano, The… Read More ›


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