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Meanwhile, in Hawaii…

…right now there is snow in Mauna Loa’s crater as the sun is coming up. The dark streaks probably correspond to the warm areas seen on the thermal cams (HVO webcams).  

Crater Lake, Oregon

Last week, we saw Heaven Lake at Baekdu volcano in Asia.** Now let’s look at Crater Lake, which fills a caldera that also formed in a VEI 7 eruption. Per the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program report on this volcano, The… Read More ›

Kelud, in Indonesia

Update, March 18, 10:22 p.m. Eastern: Here’s a group that went up to the crater recently!!! They reach it at about 7:52 in the video. They’re not thrill seekers. Google translation of the blurb they posted along with the video… Read More ›


Tungurahua means “throat of fire” in the native Ecuadorian language that predates even the Incas, so the German volcanologist and his guide who climbed this volcano 140 years ago today probably weren’t really the first ones up there. They were… Read More ›

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